Bali Mastery Meditation Retreat, 2017

Living The Dream on an Ubud Yoga Retreat

There are times when you need to relax and meditate. You need a good form of therapy so that you stimulate your mind and realise your potential. Bali is the best place in the world to get great quality yoga programs which aim to improve your life. Yoga may have been an ancient art but it is very potent and powerful. This country has the setting and atmosphere to give you the perfect yoga retreat. You will get plenty of yoga programs in Bali which will give you the much needed relaxation and therapy you need.
Out of the best Bali yoga retreats there are numerous benefits that you will gain from participating. Some of the advantages of going through these programs are you will charge your body, mind and spirit with inner peace through the experiences which you will leisurely go through. The stillness, movement and silence propel you to new heights. Bali is full of nature and beauty and you will profit from. Ubud yoga has been reputed for its natural healing and provision of new energy. Yoga programs in this country are not only about yoga as in the exercise itself but there is Bali cuisine and lectures which will change your approach to life and open up your mind. Thai massages and steam baths add depth to yoga experiences.

Ubud’s yoga retreats are unique in their own way, as they are only place you will find yoga and rock climbing working hand in hand. There are programs which seamlessly infuse climbing and yoga so that the spectrums of balance, discipline, focus and flexibility are achieved by an individual. The views as you are rock climbing are priceless with the flora in Bali appetizing and spectacular. Part of the yoga adventures in Bali involve kayaking. You can kayak through tranquil waters which is the ideal pose for yoga. The meditation, concentration and fresh, clean air is pitch perfect for yoga. This scene is great for morning and evening yoga. The morning freshness and the glorious sunset in the evening are priceless for yoga enthusiasts.

Ubud yoga retreat

Yoga programs are designed to ensure that you enjoy all-round health. Every facet of your life is touched by the wholesome yoga experience. Yoga works wonders to ensure that you have physical well-being, have a sense of spiritual satisfaction and raise your mental well-being. You will profit for by being self-aware and being empowered. The asanas’ which translates to postures are quite engaging and exciting. The breathing and mediation techniques as well as the stillness are productive. The old yoga routines are utilised hand in hand with modern techniques.

Bali yoga retreat programs in Ubud leave you with a sense of inner peace, tranquility, empowerment and mind control. Yoga will leave you a wholesome individual who has their mind and body unified and strengthened.

You will get different packages depending on where you choose to go. Yoga retreats and vacations in Ubud are extensive and creative with each retreat having a unique approach to how they conduct their thing.


Yoga is one of the best ways to relieve you from the busy traffic, stressing jobs and family problems. If you are thinking of rejuvenating yourself, Bali yoga retreats should be among your top priorities. Imagine spending hours walking along the beautiful beaches in Bali where there is no interruption from anyone except for the lovely sounds of the birds.

Goddess retreats centers

This Tripadvisor Ubud yoga retreat provide boutique wellness vacations specifically for women of different ages. The activities at the destination mainly targets culture, health fitness as well as spa pampering. The management at the spot works day and night to ensure that as a woman you have fun in a safe environment whether you are as a group or you come over individually. Together with others you will find at the place, you will have an opportunity of discovering history, foods, nature and it wonders among others. Furthermore, you get to interact with trainers from different parts of the world with whom you will share life experiences as well as encourage one another.

The yoga classes instructed by professional yoga trainers, massages by qualified therapists and spa treatments will no doubt make you to fall in love with Indonesia and specifically Bali. The women yoga programs at the venue are good enough to help you in unwinding from the pressures you may be facing in life such as financial challenges and marital related complications just to mention a few of them.

What are some of the facilities available at Goddess retreats center?

The swimming pools at the venue will make your holiday fun whether you are an experienced swimmer or not since there are trainers ready to help where necessary. Alternatively, you can choose to take time and meditate in the noise free pavilions from where you can see the lush tropical gardens.

What should you anticipate for after reserving yourself a place at Bali goddess retreat?

Each of the daily activities at the meditation retreat Bali has will assist you get in shape, feel better than before and engage your body, spirit and mind. The yoga classes will not only help in making you fit but also lead to the development of the sense of well being. Natural dieting is yet another thing that will make your visit one of the most memorable times in your life. While here, you should everything to do with depriving diets, completely raw foods and fasting since the trainers will expose you to a new approach of cleansing while at the same time rebalancing your body. The belief that Mother Nature has the best for everyone makes the place one in its own class. Because of the allowing, the guests to have time of revaluating their relationship with the kind of foods they eat, thousands of women are ever visiting this venue throughout the year.

In summary, a Goddess retreat is one of the venues that will rarely disappoint you. From swimming activities to the delicious meals prepared by well-trained chefs, you will definitely go back every time you have a holiday.Bali meditation retreat

Let the world wait for you while on a Bali yoga retreat

Modern day’s hectic lifestyle made many of us long for some peace and relaxation; a tranquil oasis where we can reconnect with our source and get some spiritual guidance. So for all of you who decided to find yourself an ideal location for a perfect getaway, a Bali yoga retreat weekend might be the best option!
Surrounded by a breathtaking countryside of Bali, you will be able to enjoy one of the best yoga classes and workshops in the world. Bali is many people’s dream destination and while some only fantasize about exploring this extraordinary exotic paradise, the ones that actually leave for this adventure keep remarkable memories for a very long time. Even if it is only for a few days, this enriching experience will fill you with the positive energy, which you will keep expanding long after you come back home. On this trip, you will be able to spend plenty of time in introspection and meditation, what will help you dissolve blockages and reunite your body, mind and spirit.

yogi on a bali retreat
The story of yoga and Bali goes a long way. Bali is called a capital of yoga for a very good reason, as this is a unique center of holistic arts, with numerous yoga studios placed on the island. Here, you will be able to find out all about ancient Indian wisdom of yoga, applied to a modern way of living. You will be able to learn about the history of yoga, practice different yoga techniques and meet many international yoga teachers. There are various retreats happening all year long, and they can be individual or organized for groups. On this retreats you will be able to attend daily yoga classes, healing ceremonies and massages, or even create your own menu. Many of them include deal packages, in which services like transportation, accommodation and tourist tours are included. Some even include spa treatments, traditional vegetarian and vegan meals, or even a maid service. Among wide offer, you may want to go with powerful and effective detoxification and rejuvenation treatments, or work with native shamanic practitioner- the choice is all yours!
However, you can spend the time of your retreat doing whatever you enjoy the most. Apart from yoga, there are many other attractions and miracles Bali has to offer! Here, you will be able to enjoy natural beauties such as hot springs and waterfalls with healing water, monkey forests, elephant parks, sand beaches and many others. If you are fan of architecture, you will be astonished by numerous temples and sacred places to visit, or if you are an art fan don’t miss out on Balinese music and theater shows, art classes and renowned Balinese dance performances.
No matter how you decide to spend it, by taking off to Bali yoga retreat at Yoga Retreat Paradise, you will greatly contribute to your personal growth and well-being. This retreat will allow you to dive into your being, revitalize and reestablish yourself. So pack your bags and get ready for the ultimate transformation – you are going to love it!

Bali yoga and surf retreat for teenagers

The island nation of Bali is well known to be the tourist destination of choice for those travelling to Indonesia. With is sprawling white beaches and island lifestyle, it is not dubbed the Island of Love for nothing. Visitors flock to the island with its population of just over 4 million people to experience much-needed rest and relaxation. A favorite among honeymooners, the island is well equipped to provide a stunning backdrop for even the simplest of weddings. The inhabitants of Bali know that the Island of Love needs to fulfil in its name, therefore romantic dinners and massage packages are the rage in Bali. More than just a vacation retreat for those who are in love, Bali has started taking part in a much-loved watersport and have especially captured the goddess in every woman where this is concerned. The soft glow of the sun and the perfect roll of the waves sets the tone for something more than just lazy walks along the shore. The inhabitants of Bali has tried their hand at surfing and is now offering this to their guests. The focus is on women, who tend to be a little bit shy where this is concerned, however, men are welcome too.

bali for a yoga vacation

If you happen to be heading to Bali during April and October, you may want to take up surfing while you’re there. Bali Yoga and Surf Retreat offers some of the best wave spots for the various levels of surfers and is well tested by those who come for the surf camps. The island has a spot called Dreamland Beach, which offers beginners the ability to practice their paddle out to surf without the fear of being slaughtered by waves or being the way of professional surfers. Relatively mild waves allow for beginners to practice balancing as well. Once beginners are a bit more relaxed with the surf, they are upgraded to the Panang Beach, which is known as the pipeline of Bali. Skills are honed here as surfers begin to explore the different types of waves and surf styles. Once they become a little more comfortable, they are able to explore Bingin, Balanga and Uluwatu.

To keep the body, mind and spirit aligned, combine your new-found love for surfing with an incredible yoga package to improve your breathing and stretching. Yoga is known throughout the history of the world to be an incredible way to build strength and stretch muscles. By practicing yoga regularly, you will condition your body, thus reducing the risk of injury. Taking a vacation to relax only truly offers that when you keep your body active. Taking time off to re-energize your body is an important part of de-stressing. You will be able to continue the techniques you learn in the yoga classes at home. When you hit your home soil, remember to take your surfboard and your yoga mat to the nearest beach until you one day return to the rejuvenating island. Taking up your stay with a Bali Yoga and Surf Retreat is now a natural choice. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you for it.

Travelling to the Destination of Bali for a World Class Yoga Retreat

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Bali is quickly becoming one of the staple attractions for tourists in Bali and the reasons for that are obvious. In these classes selected teachers lead a wide array of Yoga Teacher Training and Workshops where whether you practice Yoga as an amateur or professionally you are sure to learn a great deal.

Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, which includes breath control, mediation to varying degrees and the adoption of various body postures. Of course, today it is mainly practiced for the health and relaxation benefits with not much regard by the practitioners of it of the religious elements. It is recognized that Bali is for a fact, one of the best places for persons to learn more about the art of Yoga and it is for that reason that many have been visiting Asia and of course to experience the fine cuisine.

Last year, I actually got the opportunity to prove this for myself! Yes, I went to a Bali yoga retreat for a week and my mind was blown. I was always told that yoga had great benefits and I believed of course. However it is when I underwent Hatha Yoga teacher training for myself that I finally got a true realization. I got a greater understanding of precision alignment and experienced true heart-felt energy and meditation. I feel confident now that I can in fact master and teach any other style of the art form. If you are unconvinced that this will be worth your while to consider a few of the benefits:-

  1. It results in improved flexibility and also muscle joint mobility
  2. Once muscle flexibility is improved, it can strengthen, tone, and builds muscles
  3. It can correct bad posture which we develop over time whilst strengthening the spine and spinal muscles resulting in the alleviation of back pains also creating balance and grace
  4. It can relieve muscular-skeletal conditions for example bad knees, neck, tight shoulders and swayback and scoliosis
  5. If you are usually low on energy it can increases your stamina and stimulates the glands of the endocrine system improving digestion and elimination so that you get the most out of your food
  6. If you suffer from circulation problems yoga can increase circulation whilst improving heart conditions correcting breathing disorders and boosting immune responses
  7. Finally, yoga is known to help reduce cholesterol and also blood sugar levels and encourage weight loss.


Don’t consider the trip to Bali as being overly expensive because nothing is worth more than your health. When we die, we can’t take the money with us, so it has to be spent to enjoy life whilst we have it in the healthiest body and mental condition possible. So, if you’re serious about honing your yoga craft, and serious about your health and wellness including a yoga retreat in Bali at this location as a part of the trip is definitely a great idea to pursue.

The ever rising popularity of yoga retreats in Bali

Different forms of yoga focus on improving the flexibility of your body and rejuvenating the mind and soul as well. At the same time; they do not give emphasis to physical training and muscle building but ashtanga yoga gives utmost importance to build a strong and toned body along with offering a calm and peaceful mind. Many people practice it as an effective weight management and core strength building routine and, ashtanga yoga also improves your overall flexibility, stamina and endurance in the best manner. All these aspects account for the ever rising popularity of ashtanga yoga retreat in Bali. Building muscle strength becomes a less complicated process with this form of yoga and you can become a proud owner of a lean body. It has been widely considered as a complete fitness program and you can use this method to calm and discipline your mind and soul as well.

childpose yoga asana





Different ashtanga yoga poses



No specific yoga posture can be associated with ashtanga and different poses are combined together into a series. You need to master each level before moving on to the next and the routine needs to be followed in a strict manner. It is mainly because each pose prepares the body for the next one. It begins with sun salutation and it is followed by six standing postures that can be described as the basis of all remaining poses. Once you master all these poses, you have to follow four series of ashtanga yoga and they include primary series (Chikitsa), intermediate series (Nadi Shodana), advanced A series (Sthira Bhaga) and advanced B series (Sthira Bhaga). Last but not the least; the finishing positions need to be performed as well. It is always advisable to practice ashtanga yoga under the supervision of a yoga teacher and it can be said without an iota of doubt that highly experienced teachers who conduct yoga retreat in Bali helps you practice this yoga with utmost commitment and precision as well.





Benefits of ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga yoga always helps you achieve the state of unlimited ecstasy and freedom that forms the core of your being and the benefits can be classified as physical, mental, emotional and intellectual as well. The physical benefits make your body free of diseases and they keep your body light and strong so that it acts as a suitable vehicle on your path to freedom. The emotional benefits prevent you from becoming a slave to your own emotions and you can learn how to remain as a witness. The intellect and mental benefits always help you see the world as it is and you no longer become a prisoner of your own prejudices and preconceived notions. Ashtanga yoga retreat in Bali offers all these benefits in a cost effective manner and you can come back home rejuvenated and revitalized.


Practicing ashtanga yoga can never be described as an easy task and it requires utmost commitment and discipline to achieve the expected results. Top quality Bali resorts and spas that offer ashtanga yoga retreats make your yoga practice highly result oriented and enjoyable by providing a surrounding that is purely serene and the trustworthy and talented teachers guide you through each pose with utmost accountability to eliminate even the slightest mistakes.